Legal debt recovery of civil and commercial claims in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


For the debt collection in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the lawyers Lorang & Wingerter will still prefer if possible, to use the so-called simplified procedures:

- Payment order (debt < or equal to € 10,000.00)
° Seized juridiction : Justice de Paix (Luxembourg / Esch-sur-Alzette / Diekirch )

- Request "Article 919" (debt > € 10,000.00)
° Seized juridiction : Tribunal d'Arrondissement de Luxembourg

Through these two procedures, costs are reduced and delays are reasonable varying between 1 to 2 months.

Once the enforcement order obtained within these procedures, it is transmitted to the bailiff for execution.
We must remember :

- The bailiff's fees will be taken directly on the debtor's expenses
- Exceptional circumstances where the costs are covered by the creditor : bankruptcy, insolvency

We have at heart to avoid unnecessary and unrecoverable costs to our customers, we always conduct an important numbers of verifications, which unable us to guarantee them maximum success.

The theory of the accepted invoice is privileged and represents a sure bet in Luxembourg, which makes trade receivable recovery easier.

In regards to commercial invoices, the failure to challenge the seizure is understood as acceptance The bill is accepted, according to the jurisprudence, if it has not been challenged at short notice.