Company domiciliation


LORANG – WINGERTER organises the constitution and domiciliation of companies in Luxembourg in its capacity of approved Domiciliation Agent. Company domiciliation is a regulated activity.

In Luxembourg domiciliation occurs in the hypothesis where the company opts to locate its offices in third party premises other than under a lease and the third party provides services for the company, for example legal secretariat and administrative follow-up.

The activity of company domiciliation is regulated under Luxembourg law by the Law of 31 May d 1999, which reserves its exercise to certain regulated professions, including lawyers.

In Luxembourg, lawyers act as Domiciliation Agents under the authorisation and supervision of the Ordre des Avocats du Barreau de Luxembourg (Order of Lawyers of the Luxembourg Bar).

A signed company domiciliation agreement signed by the Luxembourg Domiciliation Agent and the company domiciled in Luxembourg is mandatory.

The agreement details the conditions for intervention by the Luxembourg Domiciliation Agent, the provision of services and their cost. In practice, the term of a domiciliation agreement is one year tacitly renewable in the absence of cancellation.